Advantages of Odoo Software

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Odoo developed by Fabien Pinckaers and his colleagues, is one of the youngest * ERPs currently available, but has had a resounding resonance and has a relatively high percentage of business users in the industry. The current ERP with the merit of being worth mentioning is: no-cost community license and low deployment cost, fast build time, easy to use and future expansion, integration All the business in one, can interact and connect data to other systems.

some advantages of odoo erp software
Integrating multiple applications on one platform is the advantage of Odoo

1. Low investment and deployment costs

Unlike any existing ERP on the market, Odoo approaches users with the goal that every investor is looking for: cheap, economical, quality. Odoo offers its users a completely free platform, with low initial investment costs such as:

  • No license fees
  • The Odoo system can be run with “0 applications”, which means that you can set up an Odoo system without installing any application.

2. Fast, easy to use

Some of the most popular and popular ERP in the market can be referred to as monuments of the world ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. However, the cost of deploying on systems The above is not small, average $4 to $5 million and has a deployment time of about several years.

Thus Odoo emerges as a trend with the benefits that a service user can see such as:

  • Quick in deployment – Odoo is built on fast-paced programming languages such as Python and the free Postgresql database (world’s # 1 free database) with powerful language interfaces. Fast execution like HTML, XML, CSS, JS. Since then, the project can be completed quickly within a few weeks (small project) up to several months or several years (large projects) and at the same time investors are always close to what the system has integrated features and re appropriate and meet the requirements or not.
  • Quick in applying and handling work – Odoo provides automated actions, scheduled actions and programmed applications to assist you in processing your data extremely quickly. In addition, Odoo also has a simple and friendly interface, which minimizes the time it takes to get started and migrate from the traditional way of doing things.

3. Expand, update feature, integrate all in one

Odoo is built on the “assembler” architecture, which makes the system mobile, can work with “0 applications” or works with hundreds of applications added. Investors do not have to pay for a system without knowing it functions Which of the systems are integrated and how will they be used when finalized.

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