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Odoo is a system ERP developed and licensed free to gain instant access to enterprise managers with fast cost, time and responsiveness (Learn more about the advantages of Odoo). But Odoo is not a lower-level ERP than the big ones, but Odoo also offers an extremely powerful platform that can handle almost any business model. According to enterprise needs). Here is a general function that Odoo responds to (note that Odoo not only meets companies in business, manufacturing or export, Odoo can be applied to all types of businesses such as education, medicine services, others, …)

Odoo features and Using Odoo in Business Management for the greatest achievement
Multi functionalities and languages are Odoo’s advantage

1. Sales management

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): A customer is a person or a group of people who consult the company’s product information before deciding to buy it,  managing customer relationships to ensure that Clients who obtain useful information or are satisfied with the service attitude are critical to the company’s sales and revenue.
  • Sales price and promotion information management is one of the two factors (price and customer service) that determines the purchase and sale. Businesses must understand the price of the product that comes with the promotion must meet two sides of it: profitable and cheap to attract customers. The price is not simply input, the calculation of the sale price will be made automatically or semi-automatically between costs and must ensure accuracy for most types.
  • Order and contract management: in real case, orders always change and generate more information such as item, quantity, price throughout the purchase process. In addition, placing orders along with purchase and sales costs will help the manager see in detail the profit and loss figures from which to make the right decision.

2. Purchase management

  • Manage buy price and history buy price: buy and sell are two processes always come together, buy cheap, the price will be cheap to attract customers. Not only that, the price management of history also allows managers to see reports of price fluctuations, thereby adjusting volume purchases.
  • Calls for Bids Management: Where there are a variety of suppliers, choosing the right buyer is not the best way to do business. Providers with reasonable price discounts are always a top priority, and the Odoo system has a distinct advantage in accurately managing batch reporting in this module.
  • Invoice and Payment Management: Purchase invoices will be created and backed up automatically fully used for the purpose of reconciliation with the order delivered by the supplier, from which the payment operation of the Accounting Department is carried out fast

3. Warehouse management

  • Management of inventory, warehousing from orders (or production): The process of exporting and importing goods is closely related to the process of selling and buying goods, thereby ensuring the quantity of inventory is declared true at all times.
  • Manage product updates: Quickly observe and update product changes (specifications, quantities, weight, etc.) for the sales department to ensure accurate product information. Transferred to the customer, for the accounting department is convenient for changing the payment.

4. Accounting management

  • General: Odoo retrieves basic reports on spending, collection in each department of sales, purchases from pre-set orders quickly.
  • Specification, details: Odoo can fully meet the detailed reporting of use and mobilization of capital, summarize the use of property to avoid wasteful use, giving the opportunity for the leader Know the financial situation of the company before taking strategic steps.

5. Manufacture management

  • Material Management: Storing raw material information, calculating the estimate of the quantity of materials based on the number of finished products required.
  • Managing production efficiency: assessing the productivity of employees, evaluating the amount of raw materials wasted, saving information actually produced products.
  • Inventory Balance: Check the stock of finished materials and finished products before making a list of materials.

6. Human Resources management

  • Recruitment management: The recruitment of staff is divided into several segments and the various positions are then made into suitable reports (useful for accounting service enterprises).
  • Salary Management: Create payroll, monthly bonuses quickly and automatically from predefined settings based on business performance, hours worked, allowances, etc. for each employee individually.
  • Expense management: calculates and stores the monthly variable cost of each employee such as: advance, travel, guest, etc.

Here above are the general functions that the Odoo system fully meets. In addition, Odoo integrates internal or external email, e-commerce email marketing, weekly automated reports and processes, and more.

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